Sprint Prospecting

Shipley Introducing Richardson Sales Performance’s Sprint Prospectingᵀᴹ Programme

It is critical to have an approach that helps your sellers effectively reach the right audience in a manner that captures their attention and makes them want to engage in a conversation. 
Agility is the quality that a successful seller needs to have. How to adapt to customers changing needs? This specially formulated programme equips your sellers with an agile sprint methodology to create powerful messaging, engage prospects, and advance conversations. 

Business Benefits of Sales Prospecting Training

Selling Sprints are how your sales professionals move through the phases of an opportunity pursuit and engage with the customer. A sprint is a burst of activity that revolves around key moments of conversation with the customer and consists of 3 components

  • Improved ability to generate buyer receptivity through strategic targeting and relevant messaging.
  • Increased volume of qualified leads and/or opportunities in the sales pipeline.
  • Increased number of new contacts and meetings booked.
  • Increased number of leads from referral sources

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