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Writing Proposals that Win!

March 15, 2017




Organisations that implement the suggestions contained within this White Paper will win more business with their proposals. Writing Winning Proposals is not a “Black Art”, it is a science that can be mastered by most organisations. 


The fundamental principles of writing good proposals are: 

  • Align the structure of your proposal to the customer’s evaluation process 

  • Use a disciplined, customer-focused writing approach 

  • Use regular reviews to control and add value to the writing process 


Over the last twenty years Shipley has evaluated proposals, on behalf of its clients, and identified the characteristics of proposals that consistently win business. These characteristics are shown in the following radar diagram. Proposals that score higher against these characteristics tend to win more business. 


Winning proposals have characteristics that make them customer focused. The purpose of a proposal is to provide the customer’s evaluators with reasons why they should select you and not your competition. 


Download the White Paper which discusses these characteristics and provides suggestions as to how you can change your approach to writing proposals, to achieve greater customer focus and win more business.


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