• April 28, 2023
  • Kaushal Kshatriya
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HealSure specializes in distributing healthcare products and offers consultation services. HealSure was seeking a way to drive profitable growth within the Animal Health division.

The Animal Health Division was empowered by Shipleywins’ “The Six Critical Skills” and “Consultative Selling” training program to improve customer conversations at all levels.


HealSure, a company in the Animal Health division, was facing a challenge in achieving profitable growth. The company realized that they needed to shift their go-to-market strategy as the end customers’ perspective on managing and enhancing animal health and well-being had changed.

The Animal Health Division engaged Shipleywins to develop a customized and multi-stage approach to learn behavior change.

The sales team of HealSure saw marked improvement after adopting Shipleywins’ Solutions, with significant increases in call preparation skills (116.6%), engaging customers in dialogue (66.6%), and overall sales skills (29.8%). The team also learned to approach customers more consultatively.

Customer Introduction

HealSure is an international healthcare distribution company. They provide drug distribution and consulting related to medical business operations and patient services.


In order to achieve profitable growth in their Animal Health division, HealSure was searching for a solution. Animal Health Division acknowledged that this would require a shift in their go-to-market strategy. This was because the end customers, which included “animal caregivers” and “companion animal pet parents” had changed their perspective on how to manage and enhance animal health and well-being for both companion and farm animals.

Solution by Shipleywins

The goal of the program was to move from a “product provider” approach to a “customer-focused” approach in which a consultative style would be evident in the sales professional’s thinking, actions, and words.

HealSure engaged Shipleywins to develop a customized, multi-stage approach to learning and behavior change.

Learners were introduced to the Six Critical Skills and the Consultative Selling Framework on Shipleywins Accelerate digital learning platform before starting their virtual instructor-led training sessions.

Then participants completed a pre-assessment of their selling skills which established a baseline. This step enabled sales professionals to quantify the impact of their learning journey.

Sales professionals participated in virtual, instructor-led consultative selling workshops which focused on building customer-centric selling skills including positioning, gaining access, questioning and listening techniques, resolving objections, and gaining commitment to close. This approach was critical for their success because Animal Health Division offers a wide range of about 35,000 products from over 500 vendors. The range of products covers almost everything a customer needs. The products include pharmaceuticals, vaccines, parasiticides, diagnostics, capital equipment, supplies, veterinary pet food, and nutritional products.

Results & Benefits

The program was integrated throughout the Animal Health Division. The participants base included new hires and seasoned sales professionals. By engaging the entire sales organization in the training, the Animal Health Division of HealSure had an opportunity to approach the market with a united selling style. Additionally, a universal sales language and methodology meant that adjustments to sales techniques could be made at large.

After the training, the Animal Health Division exceeded their plan objectives for the fiscal year 2020 by a significantly greater percentage than other teams who had yet to start sales training.

Results after using Shipleywins’ Solutions:

  • Improvement in sales call preparation skills – 116.6%
  • Enhancement in engaging customers in needs-based dialogues – 66.6%
  • Sales Skills upgradation – 29.8%


Valuable insights can be gained, and new techniques can be learned to enhance your sales performance using Shipleywins’ training based on Sales and Upskilling. Participants gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and learn how to build trust and establish long-term relationships. The workshops provide practical tools to enhance sales skills resulting in increased revenue thus making it a valuable investment for any sales team.

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