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Shipley helps individuals and companies be recognised as being above the rest through a range of training, mentoring and certification offerings. Shipley is an APMP Approved Training Organisation.

APMP Certification

Foundation level. In support of the APMP Foundation level certification programme, Shipley offers individuals, and teams, the opportunity to participate in a one-day training course which includes the Foundation level examination at the end of the day. Individuals are invited to participate in one of our open workshops and teams are able to organise in-house training, customised, if necessary, to meet their specific needs. 

Practitioner level

Practitioner level

In support of the APMP Practitioner Objective Test Examination (OTE) level accreditation programme, Shipley offers individuals, and teams, the opportunity to participate in a half-day interactive orientation session to consider, discuss and confirm their experience and evidence required for each of the individual syllabus topics that are assessed at APMP Practitioner level. This level of accreditation is only open to APMP members who have achieved APMP Foundation level status.

An APMP approved training course

Delivered by an Approved Training Organisation (9 CEUs)

This virtual instructor-led training course is delivered over 2 days.  It has been proven to teach bid and proposal managers and contributors a systematic approach to bid and proposal development. Few people have been formally trained in how to develop and write a good proposal. Sadly, great solutions often fail to win because of poorly developed and written proposals. 

Shipley’s Writing Winning Proposals workshop has been proven to teach bid and proposal team members a repeatable, systematic approach to proposal preparation, for better customer responsiveness, for a lower cost. 

This virtual instructor-led training course offers the same learning as the traditional two-day face-to-face training offers.  It is delivered remotely, in four instructor-led modules, over a two-day period.  It includes both discussion opportunities and group-based virtual exercises. Participants on this training course receive access to an electronically published version of Shipley’s award-winning Proposal Guide. The training course teaches principles of proposal development that can be tailored and applied to all types and sizes of opportunity. 


The APMP Foundation Self Paced Prep Course will help you prepare for the APMP Foundation Exam. The featured APMP Self Paced Prep Course is a self – paced course with no live trainer.

The APMP Self Paced Prep Course does not have the APMP Exam included nor will a certificate be administered at the finish of the course.

This course is only for the sole purpose of helping you study and prepare for the APMP Foundation exam. If you are looking for a certification in APMP Practitioner or Professional Level – we are very sorry we don’t offer that coaching or training program.

If you would like more information on the APMP Exam please click here.

The APMP Exam and Membership are sold separately. You can purchase the APMP Exam and Membership directly through APMP or through Shipley India.

₹ 10,650/- Tax Inclusive

Self-paced online course designed for Foundation Level APMP Certification.
5 Modules
31 Video Lessons
31 End of Chapter Quizes
1 Mock Exam
6 Hours of Training Delivered by Internationally Recognised Trainers
* This self-paced training program expires 3 months from the date of activation.

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